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Student Spotlight: Finn Douglas

1. What are all of the activities you do at Garden Street?

I dance, I sing, I do musical theater and I play piano and guitar. I don’t take drums but I like to play them.

2. How long have you been at Garden Street?

I think since I was five, and now I am eight so three years.

3. What made you join the classes?

I liked the teachers and all of my friends are here.

4. What is your favorite activity at Garden Street and why?

Piano because I get to play an instrument and it sounds really good.

5. What is the best thing about Garden Street?

That we can celebrate our birthday parties here! I had my birthday party here and I got to choose the theme, I had a Minecraft party.

6. What advice would you give to kids looking to do dance, theater, or music?

Just to try your best and have fun.

7. What are your favorite activities to do outside of Garden Street?

I like to play outside, play with my toys, and play video games.

8. What kinds of professional acting have you done?

I do a lot of films. I just filmed a movie that was about a girl who was really sad, I gave her advice, and she listened to me and that helped her. I also do voiceovers a lot. Also with Garden Street I competed at Access Broadway last year, I won Young Mr. Access Broadway and Best Vocalist out of the entire competition. I'm going back this year and can't wait.

9. Are you in anything that Garden Street families would see right now?

Yeah, I am in House of Cards. I play the character of Charlie, he is the son of a governor and he has a little sister and he meets the president. I'm in a bunch of episodes and come in during the middle of the new season. I’m also going to be in Jacob and I which is a film. I'm up for a few films right now but can't say what they are yet.