Our Mission

When Annie and I met in Hoboken ten years ago, we felt an instant connection through our mutual love for the arts, music, and dance. Soon after we married, I started teaching music lessons in our tiny apartment on Garden Street and our business was born. We truly enjoyed it and all the while felt truly lucky to be doing what we love for a living. With my background in music and Annie's background in dance and theater we knew that opening the studio was the right fit for our family and Hoboken. When the opportunity came to open Garden Street School of the Performing Arts, we jumped at the chance. We immediately felt like it was something we had to do; music and dance had brought us so much joy and

inspiration in our lives and we wanted to pass that on to new students who walked through our doors.

We believe in the importance of the arts, not just for those who want to be professional musicians or dancers, but for everyone. The ability to express emotions through music, dance, literature and art is a gift that you keep forever, and to learn this at a young age can inspire a person for life. We are grateful to work with music and dance artists who share our vision. We have been so fortunate to be part of a community that understands how truly important education in the arts is. It has been a blessing to us in so many ways and has strengthened our belief that Hoboken is where we want to be. And now that we are raising our two sons here, we couldn’t be happier to be a part of a community who shares our passion for the arts.


So it is with this dedication that we give back to you; the parents, the caregivers, and the families of these young artists. We believe in them and are so proud of what they’ve accomplished and wish them the greatest of success. We appreciate the sacrifice it takes for you the parents to provide the best for your children and it is our mission to rise to the challenge: to care for them as we would our own. We look forward to watching them grow with a love for the arts, sharing the joy that it brings.



All our love,
Dan and Annie McLoughlin

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