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2019-2020 Season                                                         



NEW Mommy and Me Infant and Toddler Classes with adult participation


Mommy and Me Ballet

Children aged two are eased into a pre-ballet class with the comfort of a parent in the class. Classes will consist of rhythmic exercises, creative movement, basic dance steps and classical ballet positions of arms and feet. Children will develop kinesthetic awareness, coordination, and love for movement.

Please note that Mommy and Me classes will not participate in the Spring Recital, but will have an in-house performance instead.


Mommy and Me classes are not required to enroll for the entire September-June dance season. 

Ages 2-3        Saturdays          9:30am-10:05am 

Ballerina Princess

Our tiny dancers will learn the ballet basics from a real Ballerina Princess who will be dressed in full costume each week! Our captivating ballerina will hold your dancer's attention through stories, music, movement and all things ballet and princess! All dancers are encouraged to dress up in the princess-best... the bigger the tutu, the better! Real dance terminology, musicology, counting, rhythm, basic positions, and the foundations of Ballet will be incorporated in each set of 6 weeks. Themes and class structure will change every 6 weeks. You can enroll in multiple sessions, or just one! You do not have to commit for the full school year. Caregiver participation.

Infants-Toddlers         Tuesdays 9:30am-10:15am

18 months - 3yrs        Tuesdays 10:30am-11:15am

All Toddlers - 3 yrs      Thursdays 10:30am-11:15am




Ready Step Rock

This high energy class will let our youngest rock stars explore new music, and high energy movement. Music and dance will be incorporated each week, as well as exposing your child to rock music throughout the decades. From Elvis to Imagine Dragons - and everything in between, this fun, upbeat class is going to rock! Dance styles like the Twist, Bunny Hop, The Charleston, The Freddie, to YMCA to the Dab will all be taught in our creative movement/jazz/hip hop section each week. There has never been a class quite like this, and adults and little ones are going to love it!


12 months- 3 yrs         Thursdays 9:30am-10:15am


Broadway Babies

Expose your little diva to musical theatre, as they can belt out "Tomorrow" while they learn all about Broadway! Each class will incorporate the best songs from musicals, and show stopping basic movement to help your child with coordination, counting, balance, music, dance, expression and fun! Broadway is one of the most memorable gifts you can give your child. Little ones will learn the basics of Broadway and become so familiar with iconic songs and show stories, that they will be ready to sit through their first Broadway show in no time! Triple threats watch out for our Broadway Babies!


Baby Bollywood

Have your little one learning all the classical, and contemporary Bollywood music and dance with Miss Pooja Uberoi. This upbeat, all inclusive, fun class will be the most fun Mommy and Me class you've ever tried! Your toddler will be excited to come to class every week to learn more. 


12 months - 3 yrs         Fridays 3:15pm-4pm



Our instructors introduce young dancers to the discipline and vocabulary of a classical ballet class. Emphasis is on correct alignment and co-ordination of arms and feet. The class focuses on musicality, core stability, beautiful lines, preparation for turns, adagio elements, ballet positions, barre exercises, across the floor and center work, jumps, and turns. Each level advances and builds on the strong foundation of training received at Garden Street. We start real ballet training at every age to ensure proper technique throughout a dancer's journey as they progress each year.

Ages 3-4                    Mondays            3:30pm-4:15pm

Ages 3-5                    Mondays            4:45pm-5:30pm

Ages 4-6                    Mondays             5:30pm-6:15pm

Ages 6-8                    Mondays             4:15pm-5pm

Ages 9-Teen              Mondays             6pm-7pm

Ages 3-4                    Wednesdays      3:30pm-4:15pm

Ages 3-4                    Saturdays           10:15am-11am

Ages 3-4 .                  Saturdays           11:05am-11:50am

Ages 3-5 .                  Saturdays           11:15am-12pm

Ages 4-6                    Thursdays          3:30pm-4:15pm

Ages 5-8                    Saturdays          10:05am-11:05am

Ages 9+                     Thursdays         6:30pm-7:30pm

Ballet/Tap Combo

Ages 3-5             Fridays          3:30pm-4:15pm


Contemporary *                          
A fusion of modern, jazz and ballet techniques, focus on body lines, balance, fluid turns and sustained extensions. Students will learn how to express emotion through movements that tell a story. This is a very expressive dance style where students learn proper technique while tapping into their inner dancer.

Mixed Ages  2             Tuesdays       5pm-6pm

Mixed Ages 1 .               Fridays .            5:15pm-6:15pm (Contemporary Jazz Combo)

Jazz *


The dance styles in this class are as broad as Broadway itself. So break out your flapper outfits and dust off your top hats because there will be no shortage of show stopping routines. Traditional Broadway style jazz dance routines and choreography will be mixed with current production numbers from contemporary musicals.


Jazz 1 Mixed Ages          Fridays                   5:15pm-6:15pm (Contemporary Jazz combo)

Jazz 2 Mixed Ages          Fridays                   6:15pm-7:15pm

* For both Contemporary and Jazz classes, the age range is 7 to teens.  Students will be based on level rather than age.  If a student has never taken dance lessons or Contemporary or Jazz classes before, then they would be in Level 1.  A student who has 3 years of dance training in any discipline would be placed in Level 2.  Placements will be made on a case by case basis.


Irish Step 
Straight from Dublin our Irish Step master instructor is the leading Irish Step instructor in the area! From the very first class, you will learn basic traditional Irish dance steps with a fusion of more modern elements. As you progress to Intermediate and Advanced, the coordination and skill level increases and there is an option of learning both the hard and soft shoe styles. This is a non-competitive class. It is a celebration of deep-rooted tradition that has survived the test of time, reinvented itself and its appeal has reached people and cultures all across the globe.


Ages 3-6                 Tuesdays             5:15pm-6:00pm

Ages 7-12               Tuesdays             4:15pm-5:15pm 

Int/Adv Level         Tuesdays             6:00pm-7:00pm 


Hip Hop

This high energy class will set hip hop combinations and routines to the latest chart toppers. This class will be performing as a team. Crew routines will touch on the various styles of hip hop, including 'Pop and Lock', and 'Commercial'. Routines usually change on a bi-weekly basis so don't worry about having to play "catch-up", come join us!


Ages 3-4                  Wednesdays      4:15pm-5:00pm  

Ages 5-8                  Wednesdays      5:15pm-6:15pm

Hip Hop Crew 9+   Wednesdays      6:15pm-7:15pm 


Students will learn coordination, basic tap steps, and fundamentals of rhythm. As the levels progress students will explore complicated combinations and rhythm patterns. There will be a strong concentration on technique and will challenge students with intricate routines. 


Ages 5-7                Tuesdays               3:30pm-4:15pm

Ages 8-12              Thursdays             6:30pm-7:30pm Beginner

Mixed Ages           Mondays               7pm-8pm Int/Adv Tap 


Students will get an introduction to tap and jazz styles these fun sessions held each week. Combining proper jazz and tap techniques will leave dancers with a unique sense of their dance style. This is a great class for students who would like the exposure to more than one dance style in every class.


Ages 4-6                Saturdays            11:50am-12:50pm


Gymnastic based tumbling class with foundation in dance. All floor work will be covered as well as leaps, jumps, bridges, hand springs, cartwheels and all cartwheel variations, and more. 

Ages 7-Teen     Fridays            4:15pm-5:15pm

Song and Dance 

Become a triple threat in this fun class held weekly. Students will learn signature Broadway production numbers from classic and contemporary musicals.  Both singing skills and choreography will be incorporated as students learn numbers from shows like Matilda, Annie, Hamilton, A Chorus Line, Les Mis, and 42nd Street to name a few.  


Ages 4-7               Thursdays            3:30pm-4:15pm

Ages 3-7              Saturdays           9:30am-10:15am

Bollywood ($65/month or $18/drop-in class)

Bollywood Dance originated from the Bollywood (Hindi) Movie Industry as a free style dance fused with elements from Indian classical and folk dance forms. It has been and still a song and dance sequence with larger than life expression through various different moves, grandeur sets, picturesque locations and large ensemble.

In the recent times, Bollywood expanded and emerged into a dance style of its own kind with a creative amalgamation as it carried the culture and tradition of India along with various different classical and folk dance forms fusing it further with elements from western dance forms like Jazz, Hip hop, Latin and many other old (Rock n Roll / Twist / Etc.,) and modern dance forms making it into an appealing dance form for all age groups and tastes. 

Bollywood music ranges from traditional to extremely modern & western and from soulful compositions to feet tapping numbers. The soulful compositions make one want to get in touch with their emotions while the feet tapping numbers exude the upbeat energy making one want to dance letting them get in (re)touch with their inherent light and fun side.   

KIDS - Intro to Bollywood


A 6 week Intro to Bollywood. Package includes introduction to 4 different styles of dancing in Bollywood.  A new dance style is taught every week from a selection of styles (Traditional, Folk, Contemporary, Western, Soft, Techno & International) from Bollywood.  It can end in a small studio performance for parents to come and watch.

Ages 3-4                Fridays                 4pm-4:45pm

Ages 5-8               Fridays                 5pm-5:45pm




Adult Classes

Adult classes are priced at $25 per drop in or $190 10 Class Card. 


This class is for adults of any age and level. It focuses on Vaganova method with high discipline and a strong work out of the muscles is emphasized. Students achieve precision, technical proficiency, core stability and fluent use of the dance movement vocabulary. No previoius ballet experience necessary. This is a great fitness class centered in Ballet. 

Adult                  Mondays 10am-11:15am + Tuesdays 7pm-8pm



Students will learn coordination, basic tap steps, and fundamentals of rhythm. As the levels progress students will explore complicated combinations and rhythm patterns. There will be a strong concentration on technique and will challenge students with intricate routines. 

Adult                    Fridays                  2:30pm-3:30pm + Mondays 8:15pm-9:15pm


for 2019-2020
We now offer options for all types of dancers!
Full Year or Monthly Options!
2019-2020 SEASON
Open House   
2019 School Year: 
Flexible Dance Program
No recital,
no year long commitment,
enroll at any time
($50/month for September as start mid-September)​
  • Enroll at any time and cancel at any time 
  • This option does not include participation in the Spring recital.
Monthly Membership
Recital Plan
  • 1 Class is $99/month  
  • 2nd Class or Sibling$79/month
  • September's tuition is $50 (as classes start mid-September) or $39/month for sibling or second class.
  • $199/month for Dance Co (includes unlimited dance classes)
  • Members in the year-long program can participate in the recital.
  • Costume Fee additional
2020 Spring Recital
 June 20, 2020
Drop-in class = $29/class
Bollywood Pricing
$65/month or $18 Drop Ins
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