Enrollment is now open for our
2019 Summer Dance Classes


When:  The 8 week session starts on July 9th and ends on August 29th

Cost: $199 for the 8 week session or $29 per drop in

Email dance@gardenstreetmusic.com to enroll.

There will be an in class performance during the last class of the session. Join any time and we will prorate your tuition!



Ballet-Tap-Jazz Combo

Ages 3-4        Tuesdays         3:30pm-4:15pm

Ages 5-7        Tuesdays         4:15pm-5:15pm  

Ages 8-Teen  Tuesdays         5:15pm-6:15pm

Irish Step

All Ages         Tuesdays         6:15pm-7:15pm



All Ages        Thursdays         4pm-4:45pm


Hip Hop

All Ages       Thursdays         5pm-5:45pm

Class Descriptions:


Ballet-Tap-Jazz Combo: This class incorporates all 3 dance disciplines each week. We start every class with a strong ballet warm up, barre, and exercises. Ballet is the foundation of all dance and is crucial for dance development, and technique. Next we explore tap rhythms, movements, and intricate steps/sounds/beats. Last we work on Theatre Jazz technique from hit Broadway shows. Students will learn dance combinations and choreography during each class, as well as strengthen their dance foundation. Each class is taught by Miss Joanna, and is so much fun!

Irish Step: This class is perfect for all ages, and levels of dancers. No experience necessary, up to advance level. This is a high energy, quick moving class is great for everyone! Classical Irish Step and Contemporary Irish Step is incorporated in each class. See why Irish Step is one of our most popular classes at Garden Street. Each class is taught by Miss Joanna, and each student is sure to love it!

Bollywood: 4 different styles of Bollywood will be incorporated in this all ages class.  A new dance style is taught every week from a selection of styles (Traditional, Folk, Contemporary, Western, Soft, Techno & International) from Bollywood. Everyone is welcome to try this class taught by Miss Pooja!

​Hip Hop:

This high energy class will set hip hop combinations and routines to the latest chart toppers.   Crew routines will touch on the various styles of hip hop, including 'Pop and Lock', and 'Commercial'. Routines usually change on a bi-weekly basis so don't worry about having to play "catch-up", come join us! This class is great for all ages and levels, taught by Miss Pooja!

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