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31 Days to Support Our Competition Team

The students at Garden Street are warming up for the Regional Access Broadway Competition in May and excitedly preparing for their national competition in July. To support the Garden Street Dance and Theatre Competition Team, students have been actively selling $10.00 raffle tickets for Thirty-one Products. Check out our Facebook page, as every day from April 1st to May 1st a team member will show that day's prize, draw the winning ticket, and announce the winner. It's not too late to purchase a raffle ticket in order to win one of the fabulous prizes ranging from $25.00 - $100.00. See Idalia in the office for details and keep checking back to see if you are a lucky winner. We appreciate your support and generosity as our students continue to dance their way to success.


Congratulations to our winners!

April 1st - Bo Tsao

April 2nd - Nancy Becker

April 3rd - Christina Papas

April 4th - Louis Sirio

April 5th - Sessa-EOE

April 6th - Allison Martin

April 7th - Diana Z.

April 8th - Kalyn EOE

April 9th - Brianna Dominguez

April 10th - Sara B.

April 11th - Peggy Flynn

April 12th - Stephanie Rostan

April 13th - Julie Malfetti

April 14th - Sonia Diaz

April 15th - Kelsey Meehan

April 16th - Russell Lind

April 17th - Stephanie D'Amico

April 18th - Olivia Diaz

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