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Cast Spotlight: The Tempest!

1. Tell me about The Tempest? What is the plot?

Nirvaan: The play is about 4 people who land on an island inhabited by Prospero the wronged duke of Milan and they are wandering the island to see what is in its wonders. Meanwhile Prospero is with his daughter and he is telling her all about his life, and mostly it’s that.

Steven: The basic plot is the events leading up to the tempest: Prospero is the Duke of Milan and he was sent to die, but he was instead on an island where he had a little spirit for him and someone who ended up being his slave. He had his spirit create a shipwreck with the Italians (that sent him to die) to cause them to land on the island and after a long chain of events he ultimately decides to forgive them. But I don’t want to give too much away.

2. How would you categorize the tempest: Comedy? Tragedy? Both?

Eyja: I would say both because um there are a couple funny parts but we could call it a tragedy also because everybody is plotting to kill pretty much everyone.

3. What do you think audiences will like about this play?

Shruthi: I think they would like really enjoy the funny parts and they would also enjoy trying to figure out the play. Also I think they will enjoy it because it is by kids and student run.

4. What is your favorite scene to do in the play?

Sophia: I like the scene where everybody is like all together at the end and we figure out like, what happened and why these things have all happened. It is a fun way to end the play.

5. What is your favorite scene to watch in the play?

Cordelia: I like watching Arthur (Stephano) and Shurthi’s (Triuncolo) scene where they throw the clothes on top of Eyja (Caliban). I also like the other scene with those three where they are kind of bopping or dancing to the music

6. Was it hard to learn the Shakespearean language?

Maddie: Depends, kind of in a way. Most of it was hard.

Shruthi: It was easy!

7. In one word, describe your character?

Corelia: Sad

Sophia: Joyful

Steven: Misunderstood

Nirvaan: Plotful

Maddie: Mischievous

Eyja: Furious

Shruthi: Weird

8. Anything else you think audience members should know?

Shurthi: We are in the olden days.

Steven: This takes place May 15th at 3:00pm in Sinatra park and everyone should see it.

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