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Garden Street Success at Access Broadway

We could not be more proud of our Annie Mac Dance and Musical Theater Companies who competed at the Access Broadway Competition in Atlantic City May 1st-3rd. After working for months on group and company pieces, duet dances, solo dances, musical theater numbers, and monologues our company competed with great success. We are proud to say that all of our competitors scored over a Gold, many scoring High Gold and Platinum marks. The groups bonded through time spent together in workshops and during down time and by cheering one another on in their respective categories. See below the highlights of the competition:

Finn McLoughlin swept all categories, winning two special titles of Best Vocalist and Mister Access Broadway. He scored a platinum in Vocal Broadway category, was the Title Winner winning 1st place for Acting, Singing, Dancing. He also won a special award for the Best Vocalist for ages 12 and under. Finn won the highest award of Mister Access Broadway. Finn sang “Giants in the Sky” from Sondheim's Into the Woods, He tapped to “Steppin' Out”, and he did a monologue from The Little Prince

Georgia Brewer scored a platinum in Vocal Broadway, and won the highest title of Miss Access Broadway. Georgia sang “On the Steps of the Palace” from Into the Woods. She sang and danced to “Look What Happened to Mabel” from Mack and Mabel, and she did a comedic monologue

Kaitlyn Rivera scored platinum in Acting-Dramatic Monologue. She also performed a Vocal Broadway piece from The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee called "I Speak 6 Languages". In this piece she learned to sing in 6 different languages. Kaitlyn also performed an acro routine to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Up”.

David Masetti was the runner up for Mister Access Broadway. He sang “I Just Can't Wait to Be King” from The Lion King. Additionally, David performed a jazz dance number to Ushers’s “Caught Up” and did a comedic monologue.

Addie Kriegel was the runner up for Miss Access Broadway. She sang Disney Land, danced a lyrical piece to “Run to You”, and she did a dramatic monologue.

Dana Katz won a platinum award for her rendition of I Love Lucy's “Vita-Vita-Vegamin” comedic monologue. She also scored a high gold for her Jazz solo "A Little Party.

Annelise Dominguez won a platinum award for vocal Broadway solo "Part of Your World"

Romane Lavendier, Brianna Dominguez, and Sara Bartoszek were scholarship winners for their great performance during the Broadway Workshops taught by Broadway industry professionals.

High Score awards were also received by:

Stella Borelli who sang "Don't Rain on My Parade" and danced to "Dollhouse".

Peregrine Thurlow who danced a contemporary piece to "They Live In You" choreographed by Laura Bailey.

Emily Nally who danced a lyrical piece to "Here's Where I Stand" choreographed by Laura Bailey. Emily and Peregrine also danced an acro duet choreographed by Laura Bailey.

Shubhi Jha danced a beautiful Jazz/Bollywood Fusion piece choreographed by Louise Barry.

The Annie Mac Dance company members who competed at Access Broadway were: Stella Borelli, Georgia Brewer, Shubhi Jha, Dana Katz, Addie Kriegel, Romane Lavandier, Emily Nally, Isabel Perez, Kaitlyn Rivera, Peregrine Thurlow.

The Garden Street Children's Musical Theater Company Members who competed were: Sara Bartoszek, Stella Borelli, Georgia Brewer, Dana Katz, Addie Kriegel, Romane Lavandier, David Masetti, Finn McLoughlin Kaitlyn Rivera.

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