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Student Spotlight: Kaitlyn Rivera

For our first student spotlight we chose Dance Company member Kaitlyn Rivera. We sat down with Kaitlyn to learn a little bit more about her life at and outside of Garden Street:

How long have you been dancing at Garden Street?

I’ve been dancing at Garden Street for almost four years.

What made you join the classes?

Well, I started with Irish Step because I saw it at a festival on the piers in Hoboken and I wanted to join. I wanted to join because I really liked the dance that they were doing. I danced ballet when I was three and I liked dance so I wanted to try it again.

What is your favorite class to take and why?

There’s two classes: one is Irish Step and one is Acro. That was a hard decision because all of them are my favorite, but when it comes down to it, it’s those two. Irish Step is because it was the first class that I took here and I still love it. Acro is because I’m bendy like a rubber band and I like to flip around the house so I joined last year.

What is the hardest part about dance?

The first thing is turning out your feet and pointing your toes. And the second thing is remembering everything you learned. It is also a good part of dance because once you remember you don’t have to think about any more and you know it, it’s fun.

What advice would you give to other dancers?

I would say keep trying and if you are having a hard time tell the teacher or tell somebody. And if someone is teasing you about how you did something wrong then tell a teacher again, say ‘this kid’s bothering me tell them to stop’.

What are your favorite activities to do outside of Garden Street Dance?

I take voice at Garden Street Music downstairs, in school I take violin, and I do theater everywhere. I sing all day long. I like to go to the park, hang out with my ‘five girl group’. I like to go away on vacations, my favorite place I went to was Spain! I went to France, Italy, and Spain. Spain was my favorite because it’s sunny and really cool and because a lot of my heritage comes from Spain so it was cool to see where my heritage came from.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

At Garden Street! I also want be on Broadway. My favorite musical would probably be Les Mis. My other dream roles are Christine in Phantom of the Opera. If they ever bring this back (and I hope so!) I would like to be Rumpleteezer in Cats. And Glinda in Wicked!

Fun Fact: I am very very very extremely into the arts and love my vegetables! My favorite vegetable is broccoli!

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