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Student Spotlight: Cathelyn Van Der Land

How long have you been taking music lessons at Garden Street?

About 7 years

Who is your teacher?

Michi Egger

What do you like most about your teacher?

She's has enough energy and she doesn't rush things. She helps me really work on the hard chords and never gives up on me.

How many instruments are you currently learning?

One, Guitar. I used to play ukulele when I was younger.

What is your favorite instrument and why?

I play the guitar now. I used to play a ukulele because I was kinda small and ukulele fitted me well. Even though I haven't played the ukulele in a while I would say that it's my favorite interment because it's mini like me and I like that it fits so easily in my arms. When I saw Michi playing guitar, I decided to learn how to play guitar, as well.

What made you want to start taking music lessons?

I love singing since I was a baby and my Mom wanted me to be good at it since she saw my talent.

What’s your favorite part about taking music lessons?

I love being able to sing different kinds of music. I enjoyed just jamming with Michi an making up new songs everytime. I get to be myself and let the music take over me

What are your favorite activities to do outside of Garden Street?

Hangout with my friends or try to write new songs

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Either a chef or a singer

What is a fun fact about you?

My favorite princess was Ariel, the Mermaid. Maybe because she has that big, wonderful voice!I love watching Old reruns (Full House) and classic cartoons like Tom and Jerry.

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