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Summer Camp Roundup

We cannot believe that summer camps are half way through!

We have had so much fun with our multidisciplinary camps:

Students have danced, sang, acted, and done visual art each day.

Here are a few highlights and photos from our past five weeks of camp:

Tap and Hip Hop With Miss Jessica

Miss Jessica taught active tap and hip-hop sessions, going through the fundamentals of each style to lead to creative experimentation in the camp. The older groups have learned a variety of different tap steps, including a "Buffalo", which they learned to do as they traveled across the room.

Each day campers participate in 'Hip Hop Challenges': are complicated movement challenges done in the hip hop style. Miss Jessica might call out: 'Arms crossed, legs crossed', 'sway your hips' and the students would have to complete it to the best of their ability. Shown below are 'zulu turns'.

We also enjoyed playing the camp favorite game 'Four Corners'! In this game there are four colored dots placed in the four corners of the room. Miss Jessica plays music and the dancers move around. When Miss Jessica stops the music campers have three seconds to decide on a corner to stand in and she closes her eyes. Miss Jessica then calls out a corner and all of the students in that corner are eliminated. The campers continue playing until they have a winner!

Miss Mimi teaches art every day

For our Lion King themed week, full day campers created their own modern versions of lions using different shapes and paper. Check out the different examples of their interpretations:

In week three our preschool group focused on colors, which helped Miss Mimi teach them color theory and mood in their art classes. They combined paper collage, coloring, and paint to create color boards. The best part was learning which primary colors (red, yellow, blue) to mix to create secondary colors (orange, green, and purple)!

See below some other amazing projects created by our campers!