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                       COVID PROTOCOLS


 We take your safety as our number one priority at Garden Street School of the Performing Arts.  We have implemented the strictest protocols in addition to the guidelines of the CDC. Please read over these new policies so you are familiar with them when you attend in person classes.  We ask all of our students and families to follow these guidelines so all of our students can enjoy their dance, music, and theatre classes safely at the studio.



Temperatures will be taken upon arrival. Students will sanitize their hands prior to taking their class. Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes prior to the start time of your class. If your child is old enough and able to be dropped off, please drop them off and arrive 5 minutes prior to class ending to pick them up. Everyone on the premises must wear masks and social distance. Students ARE required to wear masks during private music lessons and dance classes. All staff members are required to wear masks at all times. Only students under the age of 2 in our Mommy and Me classes are not required, but encouraged to do so if they can. Masks must be worn at all times. Teachers will sanitize their hands between each lesson or class. Please provide your own personal water to bring with you and not share. Please keep the waiting rooms clear, and if at all possible do not bring siblings with you. If you can not drop your child off, please only bring one chaperone per child.  If your child is not potty independent please do not drop off.  All students must have an appointment or reservation, and prepay for your class. We can not take walk in students. 






      The entire school will be professionally cleaned upon opening and closing the studio daily. We will continue to sanitize the bathrooms, all surfaces, common areas every 45 minutes in both the dance and music school. The dance classroom and music lesson rooms will be sanitized between every lesson, including all instruments, ballet barres, and any surface area or equipment that is touched. The water fountain is not to be used nor is the water cooler.  The dance studio and music school have proper ventilation that meet the requirements to safely operate indoors. 

We will continue to hold most dance classes outdoors as long as the weather permits. If it rains we will hold dance classes inside. Tuesday dance classes and Tap classes will be inside.

Please direct all questions and concerns to Miss Annie at





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