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Garden Street is thrilled to partner with Local Barre® Downtown to bring dance, music, and theater classes to downtown Hoboken. 

Check out our 10 week offerings below. We can't wait to see you in class!


American Ballet Theatre National Training Curriculum. Our instructors introduce young dancers to the discipline and vocabulary of a classical ballet class. Emphasis is on correct alignment and co-ordination of arms and feet. The class focuses on musicality, core stability, beautiful lines, preparation for turns, adagio elements, ballet positions, barre exercises, across the floor and center work, jumps, and turns. Each level advances and builds on the strong foundation of training received at Garden Street. We start real ballet training at every age to ensure proper technique throughout a dancer's journey as they progress each year.

Ages 2-4          Mondays              3:30-4:15pm

Ages 2-4          Wednesdays        4:15-5:00pm

Ages 5-7          Mondays              4:15-5:00pm

Ages 5-7          Wednesdays        3:30-4:15pm


Hip Hop

This high energy class will set hip hop combinations and routines to the latest chart toppers. This class will be performing as a team. Crew routines will touch on the various styles of hip hop, including 'Pop and Lock', 'Commercial' and 'Lyrical'. Routines usually change on a bi-weekly basis so don't worry about having to play "catch-up", come join us!

Ages 3-4        Thursdays            2:50-3:25pm

Ages 5-6        Thursdays            3:30-4:15pm

Ages 7+         Thursdays            4:15-5:00pm



Local Barre® Downtown

44 Hudson Pl, Hoboken, NJ


September 12th-November 17th


$340 for the session 

$35 for drop-in students

To enroll, please visit the Local Barre® website below to complete registration.


Kids Ukulele Jamboree

Beginner group ukulele instruction for young children who are ready to rock! Children will learn music skills, theory, strumming and picking patterns. This class is a pre-requisite for learning the guitar. Students will learn their favorite songs and are encouraged to sing in class too. This is the perfect class for music lovers! (parent or caregiver participation is encouraged)

Ages 3-6           Tuesdays              3:15-4:00pm

Musical Theater: Cinderella KIDS

For children who love to sing and dance, want to make friends, and explore the wonderful world of the stage, this class is for you! Join us as we perform a fully realized production of Cinderella! Complete with lights, sets, costumes and the stage! We want your little star to join the show! Performance date: 11/20 in the evening.

Ages 4-7           Tuesdays              4:00-5:00pm

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