Nationals Results!

July 18, 2016

We are so proud of the Annie Mac Dance and Musical Theater Companies who competed at Access Broadway Nationals this past week! Our dancers, singers, and actors have been preparing their pieces since January and perfecting them after their regional competition in April and we could not be more proud of how they did.


 The competition took place in Long Island July 5th-9th with the final awards show at the PlayStation Theater on Broadway, Monday, July 11th. Garden Street competed against schools from all over the country and held their own as one of the top Debut schools in the nation. Each of our competitors had a jam-packed schedule of dance pieces, songs, and acting throughout each day. See below a few of the student highlights as well as the comprehensive list of results from the National competition.


Finn Douglas 

Finn Douglas brought home several titles for Garden Street! He won the titles for Best All Star Vocalist 8 and under and Best All Star Performer 8 and under! He had to sing 3 solo songs, perform 1 monologue, and 1 tap dance to qualify. Finn won Best Vocalist Ages 12 and under out of kids from all over the country and received a Broadway Star for his vocal performances. He won Platinum Awards for all of his songs, and came in first place for the following: Vocal Solo Uptempo for ‘Why Do Fools Fall in Love’, Vocal Ballad for "Danny Boy", Vocal Broadway for "Last Midnight",  Solo Acting Comedy for "Snoopy", Solo Tap for "Flight of the Bumblebee".  


Georgia Brewer

Georgia Brewer did an excellent job singing, dancing, and acting throughout Nationals. She won the titles of Best All Star Performer and the Broadway Star for Junior Actor. Georgia Brewer received the award of 1st place for her Solo Acting Comedy for her monologue ‘Spazmanian Devil’, 2nd place for Best Solo Vocal Broadway for ‘Steps of the Palace’, and was 2nd Runner up for All Star Vocalist. Georgia also won 3 Platinum Awards for singing and acting. Congratulations Georgia!


Sara Bartoszek

Sara Bartoszek scored three platinum scores for her songs ‘I Will Prevail’, ‘The Girl in 14G’, and ‘Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again’. Her excellent work earned her the Broadway Star for Best Teen Vocalist 13-14. She won 1st place for Best Solo Vocal Uptempo, placed second in the Best Solo Vocal Broadway category. Additionally her duet with Brianna Dominguez Dominguez won a Broadway Star for Best Vocal Duet for 13-19 year olds for their song ‘In His Eyes’ as well as a Platinum Award.


Brianna Dominguez

Brianna Dominguez swept the competition in the vocal categories. She won the Broadway Star for Teen Vocalist.  Brianna placed received Platinum Awards for Solo Vocal Uptempo ‘Rolling in the Deep’. Ballad ‘Out here On My Own’, and Vocal Broadway for "Breathe".  She also won the Broadway Star award for Best All Star Vocalist. Congratulations Brianna!


Dana Katz

Dana Katz received a high gold for her jazz solo ‘Mama Knows Best’, and high golds for both her comedic and dramatic monologues. In addition to the scores she also received 2nd place for Best Solo Acting comedy for 11-12 year olds and first place for Best Solo Acting Drama for the same age group. Dana Katz also received the prestigious award of Best All Star Actor for ages 9-12.


Stella Borelli

Dance team captain Stella Borelli did a wonderful job competing as a triple threat throughout nationals. She competed in a total of 17 numbers in solo, trio, and group categories. Stella received a platinum award for the ‘At the Ballet’ vocal trio, and a platinum award for her vocal ballad, ‘The Portrait’. In addition, Stella received high gold awards for her two dance solos, monologue, and vocal Brodaway piece ‘Johnny One Note. Stella receive the high score award for Best Solo Vocal Ballad 13-14 and was third runner up for Best All Star Performer for the 13-16 age category.


Addie Kriegel

Addie received numerous awards for her acting chops! She won the title of All Star Teen Actor for ages 13-16. and Best Solo Acting Drama. Additionally Addie was first runner up for the Best All Star Performer and placed third in the Best Solo Acting Comedic category. She received high golds for her song ‘Kindergarten Love’ and monologues ‘Sing Your Troubles Away’ and ‘Little Women’.


Annalise Dominguez

Annalise received a Broadway Star for Best Junior Vocalist in the 9-10 category. To qualify for this award Annalise submitted songs in three different categories: ‘Maybe’ in the Vocal Broadway category which she received a platinum award, ‘Colors of the Wind’ in the Ballad category for which she received a high gold, and ‘Fight Song’ in the Uptempo category which she received a high gold award. Annalise also performed ‘Anything You Can Do’ from Annie Get Your Gun with her older sister Brianna and received a high gold award.


These are just a few highlights from the amazing performers of Garden Street. We could not be more proud of each and every one of our competition team members. They have work so hard over these past months preparing for Nationals and it shows!




Comprehensive Competition Results


Contemporary Solos

  • Ava Guzman – Still: High Gold

  • Emily Nally – Brotsjor: High Gold

  • Stella Borelli- Warerway: High Gold


Lyrical Solos

  • Emily Nally - Bring me Flowers: High Gold

  • Isabel Perez - Frail Love: High Gold

  • Peregrine Thurlow - Lost Boy: High Gold

  • Romane Lavandier - Fight Song: High Gold

  • Addie Kiregel- Still Hurting: High Gold


Tap Solos

  • Finn Douglas - Flight of the Bumblebee: High Gold (1st Place Best Tap Solo 7-8)

  • Georgia Brewer - Fit As a Fiddle: High Gold


Jazz Solos

  • Dana Katz - Mama Knows Best: High Gold

  • Stella Borelli - Confident: High Gold


Vocal Solos

  • Finn Douglas - Last Midnight: Platinum (1st Place Best Solo Vocal Broadway 7-8)

  • Georgia Brewer - Home: Platinum (2nd Place Best Solo Vocal Broadway 9-10)

  • Georgia Brewer- Steps of the Palace: Platinum (2nd Place Best Solo Vocal Broadway 9-10)

  • Romane Lavandier - Gimmie, Gimmie: Platinum

  • Sara Bartoszek. - Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again: Platinum (2nd Place Best Solo Vocal Broadway 13-14)

  • Brianna Dominguez - Breathe: Platinum (1st Place Best Solo Vocal Broadway 15-16)

  • Finn Douglas - Danny Boy: Platinum (1st Place Best Solo Vocal Ballad 7-8)

  • Annalise Dominguez - Colors of The Wind: Platinum (1st Place Best Solo Vocal Ballad 9-10)

  • Sara Bartoszek. - I Will Prevail: Platinum

  • Stella Borelli - The Portrait: Platinum (1st Place Best Solo Vocal Ballad 13-14)

  • Brianna Dominguez - Out Here On My Own: Platinum (2nd Place Best Solo Vocal Ballad 15-16)

  • Sara Bartoszek. - The Girl in 14G: Platinum (1st Place Best Solo Vocal Uptempo 13-14)

  • Finn Douglas - Why Do Fools Fall In Love: Platinum (1st Place Best Solo Vocal Uptempo 7-8)

  • Brianna Dominguez - Rolling In the Deep: Platinum (1st Place Best Solo Vocal Uptempo 15-16)

  • Kaitlyn Rivera - I Speak 6 Languages: High Gold

  • Romane LAva Guzmanndier - Come To Your Senses: High Gold

  • Annalise Dominguez - Fight Song: High Gold

  • Georgia Brewer - A Moment Like This: High Gold

  • Kaitlyn Rivera - Altos Lament: High Gold

  • Annalise Dominguez - Maybe: High Gold

  • Kaitlyn Rivera - On My Own: High Gold

  • Addie Kriegel - Kindergarten Love: High Gold

  • Isabel Perez - My New Philosophy: High Gold

  • Stella Borelli - Johnny One Note: High Gold

  • Bella Rostan - Castle On A Cloud: Gold




      • Bella Rostan - Daisy: High Gold

      • Finn Douglas - Snoopy: High Gold (1st Place Best Solo Acting Comedy 7-8)

      • Dana Katz - Roseana: High Gold (1st Place Best Solo acting Comedy 11-12)

      • Sarah Hurley - I'm Not A Blonde: High Gold

      • Addie Kriegel - Sing Your Problems Away: High Gold (3rd Place Best Solo Acting comedy 13-14)

      • Steven Schmidt - Crabby: High Gold

      • Isabel Perez - Dear Chuck: High Gold (2nd Place Best Solo Acting Comedy 13-14)

      • Dana Katz - A True Story: High Gold (1st Place Best Solo Acting Drama 13-14)

      • Kaitlyn Rivera - Anne Frank: High Gold

      • Addie Kriegel - Little Women: High Gold

      • Romane Lavanider - I Can Help: High Gold

      • Sara Bartoszek. - Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants: High Gold

      • Stella Borelli - Cookies: High Gold

      • Steven Schmidt- Richard the 2nd: High Gold

      • Sarah Hurley – Lovely Bones: High Gold

      • Georgia Brewer - Spazmanian Devil: Platinum (1st Place Best Solo Acting Comedy 9-10)



      • At The Ballet (Vocal Broadway): Platinum [Madalynn Mathews, Sara Bartoszek, Stella Borelli] (2nd Place Best Duet/Trio Vocal Broadway 13-15)

      • Stepsister's Lament (Vocal Broadway): Platinum [Romane Lavandier, Addie Kriegel] (3rd Place Best Duet/Trio Vocal Broadway 13-15)

      • In His Eyes (Vocal Broadway): Platinum [Brianna Domninguez, Sara Bartoszek] (1st Place Best Duet/Trio Vocal Broadway 13-15)

      • Gamma Rays: High Gold (Acting) : High Gold [Kaitlyn Rivera, Sarah Hurley]

      • Got You Under My Skin (Dance) : High Gold [Finn Douglas, Grace Connolly]

      • Charlie's Angels (Hip Hop) : High Gold [Madalynn Mathews, Stella Borelli, Ava Guzman]

      • Macavity (Song and Dance) : High Gold [Romane Lavandier, Sara Bartoszek]

      • Happy Days/Get Happy (Vocal Broadway) : High Gold [Finn Douglas, Georgia Brewer] (1st Place Best Duet/Trio Vocal Ballad 9-12)

      • Anything You Can Do (Vocal Broadway) : High Gold [Brianna Dominguez, Annalise Dominguez]

      • Walking On Sunshine (Open Dance) : High Gold [Kaitlyn Rivera, Ava Guzman]

      • Ringing In The Holiday (Tap Dance) : High Gold [Stella Borelli, Addie Kriegel, Georgia Bewer] (1st Place Best Duet/Trio Tap 9-12)

      • I Love A Piano  (Song and Dance) : High Gold [Sara Bartoszek, Finn Douglas]

      • Lucky (Lyrical): Gold [Stella Borelli, Isabel Perez, Peregrine Thurlow]

      • River (Lyrical): Gold [Addie Kriegel, Emily Nally, Madalynn Mathews]

      • Fabulous Baby (Lyrical): Gold [Stella Borelli, Dana Katz, Madalynn Mathews]



      • Longest Night of the Year (Vocal Broadway): Platinum (2nd Place Best Jr. Group Broadway Production 12 & Under)

      • Everybody Says Don't (Vocal Broadway) : High Gold (2nd Place Best Jr. Group Vocal Production 12 & Under)

      • Waltz of the Flowers (Ballet) : High Gold

      • Rise Up (Lyrical) : High Gold

      • Lullaby of Broadway (Jazz) : High Gold

      • My Salvation (Lyrical) : High Gold

      • Ladies Who Lunch (Jazz) : High Gold

      • In The Mood (Tap) : High Gold (1st Place Best Tap 13-15)

      • Cry of the Celts (Irish Step) : High Gold

      • The Force (Production Number) : High Gold



      Best Tap Solo 7-8

      ·         1st Place: Finn Douglas  

      Best Solo Vocal Ballad 7-8

      ·        1st Place: Finn Douglas

      Best Vocal Ballad 9-10

      ·        1st Place: Annalise Dominguez

      Best Solo Vocal Ballad 13-14

      ·         1st Place: Stella Borelli

      Best Vocal solo Uptempo 7-8

      ·        1st Place: Finn Douglas

      Best Solo Vocal Uptempo 13-14

      ·         1st Place: Sara Bartoszek

      Best Solo Vocal Uptempo 15-16

      ·         1st Place: Brianna Dominguez 2nd place

      Best Solo Acting Comedy 7-8

      ·         1st Place: Finn Douglas

      Best Solo Acting Comedy 9-10

      ·         1st Place: Georgia Brewer

      Best Solo Acting Comedy 11-12

      ·         2nd Place: Dana Katz

      Best Solo Acting Comedy 13-14

      ·        2nd Place: Isabel Perez

               3rd Place: Addie Kriegel

      Best Solo Acting Drama 11-12

      ·         1st Place: Dana Katz

      Best Solo Acting Drama 13-14

      ·         1st Place: Addie Kriegel

      ·         2nd Place: Sara Bartoszek

      Best Solo Vocal Ballad 15-16

      ·        2nd Place: Brianna Dominguez

      Best Solo Vocal Broadway

      ·         Ages 7-8          1st Place: Finn Douglas

      ·         Ages 9-10        2nd Place: Georgia Brewer

      ·         Ages 13-14     2nd Place: Sara Bartoszek

      ·         Ages 15-16     1st Place: Brianna Dominguez

      Best Duet/Trio Tap 9-12

      ·         1st Place: Ringin' In The Holiday

      Best Duet/Trio Vocal Ballad 9-12

      1st Place: Happy Days/Get Happy

      Best Duet/Trio Vocal Broadway 13-15

      ·         1st Place: In His Eyes

      ·         2nd Place: At The Ballet

      ·         3rd Place: Stepsister's Lament

      Best Jr Group Broadway Production 12 & under 

      ·        2nd Place: Longest Night of the Year

      Best Jr Group Vocal Production 12 & Under 

      ·         2nd Place: Everybody Says Don't

      Best Group Tap 13-15

      ·         1st Place: In the Mood



      ·         All Star Actor 9-12 Dana Katz

      ·         All Star Actor Teen 13-16 Addie Kriegel, Steven 1st runner up

      ·         All Star Vocalist 8 & Under Finn Douglas

      ·         All Star Vocalist 9-12 Georgia Brewer Brewer (2nd runner up), Annalise Dominguez (3rd runner up), Kaitlyn Rivera (4th runner up)

      ·         All Star Vocalist 13-16 Brianna Dominguez Dominguez, Sara (3rd runner up)

      ·         All Star Performer 8 & Under Finn Douglas Douglas,

      ·         All Star Performer 9-12  Georgia Brewer, Kaitlyn Rivear (2nd runner up)

      ·         All Star Performer 13-16  Addie Kriegel (1st runner up), Romane Lavandier (2nd runner up), Stella Borelli (3rd runner up), Isabel Perez (5th runner up)



      ·         Broadway Star JR Actor 12 & Under Georgia Brewer

      ·         Broadway Star Vocalist 12 & Under Finn Douglas

      ·         Broadway Star Junior Vocalist 9 to 10 Annalise Dominguez

      ·         Broadway Star Teen Vocalist 13 to 14 Sara Baroszek

      ·         Broadway Star Teen Vocalist 15 to 16 Brianna Dominguez

      ·         Broadway Star Vocal/acting in a duet/trio 13 to 19 - In His Eyes (Sara Bartoszek & Brianna Dominguez)




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